History and Management

Ken McCabe -Managing Director
Ken McCabe -Managing Director


The founder of Smart Data Medical Ken McCabe relocated to China in 2003 following many years experience in the U.K. Medical sector. His first venture there was to establish Surgitrac Instruments which became the first single use ophthalmic instrument manufacturer and went on to become one of the worlds leading ophthalmic instrument and pack suppliers. He sold off his interest in Surgitrac in 2015 to concentrate on building the Smart Data Medical business.


Smart Data Medical was established in Suzhou China as a wholly owned foreign enterprise (WOFE) to meet the growing needs for single use high quality medical packs. As well as packs, the company also became a major manufacturer of single use tourniquets.


Relocated to a new state of the art facility which now includes four ISO 100,000 standard clean rooms. 


Launched its first range of stainless steel ENT single use suction tubing.


Introduced its first ANDORATE™ branded Endoscopy products including biopsy valves and brushes. The company announced that total sales of tourniquets had exceeded 100 million pieces. The patented TENSRITE® tourniquet was launched.


Introduced the ANDORATE™ air/water and suction valves for Endoscopy and the ANDORATE™ single chamber polyps trap. Launched a further range of suction tubing following the success of its ENT range. The SMARTPAX™ range of theatre packs was also introduced.