PearlCatch™ Polyp Trap


Brand New Every Time

The single-use polyp trap combines a special feature with simple in-line installation. The clear plastic construction allows visual verification of polyp collection.

  • Much easier to use even with wet gloves
  • Wider view of captured polyps from the top and side
  • Quick inline installation
  • Always-stay tube
  • Non sterile. 50 pieces per box.

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ThomasTrap with Two Removable Chambers


Brand New Every Time
  • Equipped with two removable specimen strainers
  • Clear magnifying window for easy visualisation of collected specimen
  • Retrieval of multiple polyps with uninterrupted suction
  • Simple transport of collected specimen
  • Non sterile.  20sets per box.

Polyp Trap with Four Capture Chamber


Brand New Every Time

The AndorateTM four chamber trap helps reduce procedure time by eliminating the need for hand screening and filtering and allowing for quick retrieval of polyp specimens.

  • Featuring four capture chambers allowing for accurate identification and localization of multiple specimens
  • Designed to filter specimens helping to minimize time and exposure to bodily fluids
  • Non sterile.  12 pieces per box.